Respect His Choices

Tips For Dating A Guy Who Is Still In The Closet

There are those people who just know they are gay from the moment they open their eyes for the first time. Others, are not so fortunate and need some time to figure it out. Some people just feel different and have no frame of reference to tell you why or how. All they can say is that they are different and do not know how to explain it. During the lifetime of these unfortunate souls they are subjected to myriad feelings and thoughts that never go away. In some situations, these people are able to find support and guidance. They figure out what about them is different either through their own soul searching or through professional help. Sometimes religious avenues […]

Make The Right Decision And Have Some Fun In Your Relationship

Tinder Or Grindr For Meeting Your Next Hookup

Today’s dating scene works well for people who hate the traditional dating routine humans have practiced throughout the ages. Changing generations means a change in viewpoints and a shift in the thinking of the general population. While it can’t be helped, it always well received and there is a percentage of the population that refuses to move forward with new discoveries and technology. One of the greatest parts for a single man in this new generation is the use of apps to do just about anything. See The 10 most helpful new apps! Dating apps are a gay man’s best friend. They have allowed so many of us who had no previous outlet to be able to come together online. […]

Passion Between Men Exist

Manhunt or Hornet? Which Is The Best Gay Dating Site Online?

It is now official. There is an app for everything. Anything you could possibly want to do from anywhere in the world you’d like to do it. This, of course, includes dating, both gay and straight. Online dating opened a whole new world for many shy and reclusive gays and introverts. Go here to read about how online dating has changed how we date. They finally felt comfortable enough to start venturing out into a dating pool. Like any other form of dating, the gay men’s arena has shifted from bars and guessing games to a more tailored but often less safe online world of websites and apps. The move to websites happened slowly, after phone sex users started to […]

Write A Great Gay Dating Ad

How To Write A Great Gay Dating Ad

Everyone tries dating ads at some point in their dating lives. It is one way to meet new people who are engaging in the same alternative lifestyle that you are. It is not always easy to tell if a person is gay by site only. Most cities and towns have magazines and newspaper sections dedicated to helping gay people find each other. Sometimes these ads can be helpful and effective but not always. Many factors go into creating the perfect gay dating ad. The first thing to keep in mind is to tackle the project as if you are describing yourself as a character in a book. Do not think of it as writing an advertisement for print. This will […]

Is He Bi-curious?

How To Tell If He Is Bi-curious

So much has progressed in the LGBT world in the passing years and yet there is still so far to go. The rights the community has won are monumental and things are changing for them rapidly. It’s easy to say what you want online but it’s much harder in real life. Sometimes you can’t even tell if he’s gay or bi-curious. People in general are becoming more and more accepting of other lifestyles and as a consequence more people are feeling the freedom to search out these relationships. But how do you know if that hot guy at the end of the street is bi-curious? Fortunately there are a few telltale signs. Keep in mind that bi-curious is not the […]

Decide If You Want A Real Relationship Or if It’s Just Fun You Are After

How To Court Your Crush On Social Media

It isn’t uncommon for couple’s first interaction to be on social media. In fact, it may be their only Interaction for quite a while. You get to know the person they show the world and suddenly you’re spending a lot of time chatting with this guy and you’re investing a lot of emotions before you know it. Before any of that happens you need to catch his eye on social media and let him know you’re interested in him. Experts today say to start with Instagram. Your real name is searchable so no matter what crazy screen name he uses you can probably find him. One you have your own account and have your crush put up your best most […]

We All Want To Be Loved

Gay Dating Tips For 2015

Gay men are just like straight men and every other type of person. While dating, they are looking for the same things as anyone else. They either want a relationship or they want a fling. Regardless what the objective is, they are also looking for an attraction, a connection to get the whole thing started. The new millennium has brought with it more positive change for the gay community than ever before. Take advantage of the new broadening perspective on gay life and make this the year you reach your goals. Change it Up One of the biggest mistakes any dating person makes is doing the same old thing over and over, even when it’s not working. Even making a […]

He Is Never Available To Meet

5 signs That M4M Dating Ad Is Fake

We have all done it. We have all perused the ad section of our favorite magazine or local swag paper. Craigslist is another place you’ll find them. They are easy enough to spot, the trick is figuring out if they are real. It isn’t always easy to tell and a wrong choice could lead to a really horrible disaster. News reports show stories of Craigslist dates especially going awry and ending in burglary, robber and even death. – Read CL Dating Horror Stories – While these places are great for meeting new people, they can also be a breeding ground for scammers and thieves. M4M Dating Ad Is Fake Sign #1 – Spelling It really does make a difference. Aside […]

Going Too Fast Won’t Take You Too Far

7 Terrible Men You Should Never Date

Just like in the heterosexual world, there are some men in the gay word that always end in disaster. Some just haven’t come to terms with who they are yet and others are fully aware and fully conceited, like he invented being gay. If neither one of those is the case then maybe he’s just a jerk (Signs you are dating a jerk) or had bad hygiene. Basically, you can break it down to the seven most terrible men to date in the history of dating. The Guy With too Much under His Belt You know the type. The guy who seems perfect but really just gotten his wise exterior because he’s dated every gay guy in the western hemisphere. […]

He Is Not As Tall Or Slim As He Says He Is

5 Most Common Gay Dating Profile Lies

There have been many surveys, studies and research done on lying and why and when people do it. We’ve learned that almost everyone lies on a first date. Women most often lie about their age and men about their salary on first dates. The same thing happens when it comes to online dating profiles. People will smear and smudge the truth as far as they think they can get away with it. There is no good reason for it, since the lie will eventually be found out when the two of you meet but still people do it. Most often in hopes that it will make them look attractive enough to at least get a first date. Height One of […]