7 Terrible Men You Should Never Date

Not Everyone Is ¨Relationship Material¨
Not Everyone Is ¨Relationship Material¨
Just like in the heterosexual world, there are some men in the gay word that always end in disaster. Some just haven’t come to terms with who they are yet and others are fully aware and fully conceited, like he invented being gay. If neither one of those is the case then maybe he’s just a jerk (Signs you are dating a jerk) or had bad hygiene. Basically, you can break it down to the seven most terrible men to date in the history of dating.

The Guy With too Much under His Belt

You know the type. The guy who seems perfect but really just gotten his wise exterior because he’s dated every gay guy in the western hemisphere. Literally everyone you know has slept with him or knows someone who has. His name comes up at least twice at every gathering and you can’t really seem to remember a time when he wasn’t around. These guys are always around and that’s why they’ve slept with everyone. At some point in everyone’s life they get desperate and end up in the sack with the guy they always thought of as just a friend. It’s the same as the guy who just got out of a long term relationship. They are often jaded and bitter.

The Guy with no Experience

I don’t want to be anyone’s first excursion into the gay world. That is an open invitation to heartache if you’re looking for a long term relationship. It might be fun if you just want a fling but fumbling around in the dark with a guy who’s never touched a penis other than his own. You want a guy with some confidence and suave but not a show off or loud mouth.

The Party Guy

You Should Never Date The Party Guy
You Should Never Date The Party Guy
Party guys are cool when you’re living the college life and first venturing into adulthood. During that time you are finding out who you really are and discovering your own needs and desires. It isn’t the right time for a long term relationship. This type is always drinking, smoking and partying and want you to be too. Party guys fill the void and make life a little less lonely but the minute you try to enter into a real long term relationship with this type you are destined for disaster.

First Date Flubs

There are several telltale signs he can show you on the first date that will tell you he isn’t the one. Watch how he treats the wait staff and employees. Some men just have a naturally strong personality types. They easily take the lead in any situation but sometimes they can go too far. Being rude and impatient with wait staff and disrespectful to other employees can be a sign of his true personality. If he is ordering everyone around like he owns the place chances are he’ll try the same thing with you in a few months.

Stuck in the Closet

There is no reason for anyone in this day and age to be in the closet at all times. There are places that gay people can go that they feel entirely accepted in. We have night clubs and restaurants, cruises and camps. While it’s up to the individual when to come out of the closet in their personal life, they can’t expect their partner to live a lie as well.

He Wants to Hookup on the First Date

Going Too Fast Won’t Take You Too Far
Going Too Fast Won’t Take You Too Far
This can be a good thing if all your after is fling or sex buddy. However, if your goal is a long term relationship you don’t want a guy who wants to have sex immediately. His head isn’t in the long term game if he’s raring to go the first time he meets you. Even if it’s something you’re feeling too, those kinds of hookups never last. It was based on sex and the whole goal of his night was to have sex with someone. If you expect that to go anywhere you live in a fairytale.

The Flamer

Never date a flaming homosexual that rams it down the throat of everyone in his path. He never goes anywhere without full drag and has a twitter following over 50,000. You will always be in a backseat to his fans and friends. Everyone wants to be him or be in your shoes and the whole process is exhausting. You spend most of your tie wondering what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with. These types are also usually narcissistic. They care more about themselves than other people in their lives.