5 Most Common Gay Dating Profile Lies

He Is Not As Tall Or Slim As He Says He Is
He Is Not As Tall Or Slim As He Says He Is
There have been many surveys, studies and research done on lying and why and when people do it. We’ve learned that almost everyone lies on a first date. Women most often lie about their age and men about their salary on first dates. The same thing happens when it comes to online dating profiles. People will smear and smudge the truth as far as they think they can get away with it. There is no good reason for it, since the lie will eventually be found out when the two of you meet but still people do it. Most often in hopes that it will make them look attractive enough to at least get a first date.


One of the biggest lie we tell on dating profiles is about height. Well, maybe not the biggest but definitely the most often fudged fact. In fact, anyone claiming to be 6 foot anything on their dating profile is probably lying. Some people just acquaint tallness with strength and power. It isn’t uncommon for the shorter of us in the crowd to add an inch or two on our profiles. If nothing else to make us feel better. The worst that can happen is he says, “OH! You aren’t quite as tall as I imagined” when you meet. Go Here To See The Average Male Heights For 2015


Weight is another thing people lie about A LOT on their dating profiles. This is another one that makes you just scratch your head because as soon as you meet him, the gig is up but people still do it. Maybe thinking they can lose the weight before the meet happens. Then there’s the hope if they can just seem attractive enough online to get a real date, at least it’s a foot in the door.


Using Younger Appearance As A Advantage
Using Younger Appearance As A Advantage
Age is something you can kind of understand someone lying about in their profile. There are a lot of people who don’t look as old as they are and fear giving their real age will run off younger suitors. Others add a few years on because they look too young and are afraid they will be thought of as immature. Lying about age isn’t as easily detected right away on first meeting. Weight and height are noticeable details but if you can pull off looing a few years off your real age, most people will try the lie.

Living Arrangements

Many guys want to lie about where and how they live on their dating profile. Some will say they live alone but really share a house with roommates or even parents. Other times it is the part of town or shape the residence is in that will cause a person to lie. If they live in the ghetto or a trailer park or somewhere less savory they just may not want other people to know about it. He could be afraid that would make him seem less desirable in another man’s eyes.

Celebrity Name Dropper

Avoid Celebrity Name Droppers
Avoid Celebrity Name Droppers
The strangest thing of all that people lie about on their profiles, according to Women’s Day magazine is having celebrity connections. Most people who hobnob with the rich and famous do not set up online dating profiles. They also do not brag about it unless they know you very well. If he does know some celebrities and is using it to get dates that might be a sign of desperation or grandiosity that you just don’t want to deal with. If it’s not celebrities, than he brags a lot about who he knows and how busy his social life is. Always out and about with the movers and the shakers.

Woman’s Day magazine says up to 80% of people lie on their dating profiles. Just know that a lot of what you’re reading has the potential to be a pile of steaming crap. Wade through it and make your own judgements. Base it on how honest you are in your own dating profile. You can fairly assume not everything is truthful and bank on asking for the truth later if the relationship goes anywhere.

Keep in mind that lying on your dating profile doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a serial killer. Read how to spot a serial killer. No one wants to be taken advantage of, even emotionally so many people put up these lies as a buffer for their feelings. It’s harder to get your feelings hurt if that person never even knew the real you. Don’t take it personal if you find he’s lied on his profile, give the guy a break. It’s something we all do but be cautious.