How To Write A Great Gay Dating Ad

Write A Great Gay Dating Ad
Write A Great Gay Dating Ad
Everyone tries dating ads at some point in their dating lives. It is one way to meet new people who are engaging in the same alternative lifestyle that you are. It is not always easy to tell if a person is gay by site only. Most cities and towns have magazines and newspaper sections dedicated to helping gay people find each other. Sometimes these ads can be helpful and effective but not always. Many factors go into creating the perfect gay dating ad.

The first thing to keep in mind is to tackle the project as if you are describing yourself as a character in a book. Do not think of it as writing an advertisement for print. This will make you self-conscious and anxious. Start by listing all of the things you like most about yourself. No one will see this first draft. It is entirely private. You are free to write anything that you feel makes you sparkle. List the aspects of your personality that you are most proud of. These things are the foundation of your ad.
In few short sentences you have to sum up what a great guy you are and what awesome date you could be. You want it to really say who you are but you want it to stand out too. Take the best two features from the list you made and describe why they make you who are in your own voice. An example is below.
Pet lover with a love for the outdoors but never misses a chance to turn up at the club. While my tastes are wide ranging, my friendships are not. I choose my friends wisely and hold them close.

This gives a pretty good sneak peek at your personality without exposing too much information right away. The next thing you’ll want to add is what you’re looking for and how to contact you. When considering how to word this part you need to be as honest as possible. There is no way around it, if you are going to meet someone and see them eye to eye there is no sense in lying about your looks or personal appearance. Describe yourself accurately and send recent, relevant photos in messaging.

A Good Gay Dating Ad Is Built On Honesty

Find Someone With Similar Tastes In Life
Find Someone With Similar Tastes In Life
Be honest in what you’re looking for too. Let others know right away what you looking for and more importantly, what you’re not interested in. It saves everyone a lot of time, effort and often hurt feelings. Its ok to be descriptive here, just be respectful. Use the proper abbreviations. Mention what’s important to you in a date and what you are not willing to consider. This includes any long term plans you may have. If you are searching for something serious you don’t want to hook up with someone who just wants a one-night-stand Read The Signs They Just Want A One-Night-Stand.

Keep Some Things To Yourself

It’s important to remember in the midst of all this honesty and truthfulness that you do not want to overshare. There are things that you are proud of and make up a part of who you are but do not need to be mentioned nor will they be helpful in a gay singles ad. Do not overshare. Do not talk about what your family does on the holidays or how close you were to your great grandma. Do not show photos of your animals, kids, nieces, nephews or neighbors. Keep the conversation short and relevant.

Now Its Time To Compose The Perfect Gay Dating Ad

Make The Perfect Ad To Attract The Perfect Man… For You
Make The Perfect Ad To Attract The Perfect Man… For You
Once you have all your information and know how you’re going to say it the next step is actually putting pen to paper, or striking the keyboard. Arrange your thoughts starting with an introduction and a short sentence about what you can offer. Consider the readers when you choose your tone and voice for the ad. Decide if there is a younger, hipper audience to the magazine or is it a more refined, newsy type crowd? Read about what was learned from writing other peoples dating profiles.

Writing a great gay personal ad is all about expressing who you are in a way that only you can. Relax when you approach it. The delete button is always there. Nothing is permanent, you can always change it. It helps to look at other ads in the same issue and get an idea of what others are saying before you start to write your own.

Choose a magazine or newspaper that you read. Something that other people like you would be interested in. You’re more likely to find someone your style in a publication that is geared toward your interests and lifestyles.