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Manhunt or Hornet? Which Is The Best Gay Dating Site Online?

It is now official. There is an app for everything. Anything you could possibly want to do from anywhere in the world you’d like to do it. This, of course, includes dating, both gay and straight. Online dating opened a whole new world for many shy and reclusive gays and introverts. Go here to read about how online dating has changed how we date. They finally felt comfortable enough to start venturing out into a dating pool. Like any other form of dating, the gay men’s arena has shifted from bars and guessing games to a more tailored but often less safe online world of websites and apps. The move to websites happened slowly, after phone sex users started to […]

Write A Great Gay Dating Ad

How To Write A Great Gay Dating Ad

Everyone tries dating ads at some point in their dating lives. It is one way to meet new people who are engaging in the same alternative lifestyle that you are. It is not always easy to tell if a person is gay by site only. Most cities and towns have magazines and newspaper sections dedicated to helping gay people find each other. Sometimes these ads can be helpful and effective but not always. Many factors go into creating the perfect gay dating ad. The first thing to keep in mind is to tackle the project as if you are describing yourself as a character in a book. Do not think of it as writing an advertisement for print. This will […]

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5 signs That M4M Dating Ad Is Fake

We have all done it. We have all perused the ad section of our favorite magazine or local swag paper. Craigslist is another place you’ll find them. They are easy enough to spot, the trick is figuring out if they are real. It isn’t always easy to tell and a wrong choice could lead to a really horrible disaster. News reports show stories of Craigslist dates especially going awry and ending in burglary, robber and even death. – Read CL Dating Horror Stories – While these places are great for meeting new people, they can also be a breeding ground for scammers and thieves. M4M Dating Ad Is Fake Sign #1 – Spelling It really does make a difference. Aside […]