Decide If You Want A Real Relationship Or if It’s Just Fun You Are After

How To Court Your Crush On Social Media

It isn’t uncommon for couple’s first interaction to be on social media. In fact, it may be their only Interaction for quite a while. You get to know the person they show the world and suddenly you’re spending a lot of time chatting with this guy and you’re investing a lot of emotions before you know it. Before any of that happens you need to catch his eye on social media and let him know you’re interested in him. Experts today say to start with Instagram. Your real name is searchable so no matter what crazy screen name he uses you can probably find him. One you have your own account and have your crush put up your best most […]

Going Too Fast Won’t Take You Too Far

7 Terrible Men You Should Never Date

Just like in the heterosexual world, there are some men in the gay word that always end in disaster. Some just haven’t come to terms with who they are yet and others are fully aware and fully conceited, like he invented being gay. If neither one of those is the case then maybe he’s just a jerk (Signs you are dating a jerk) or had bad hygiene. Basically, you can break it down to the seven most terrible men to date in the history of dating. The Guy With too Much under His Belt You know the type. The guy who seems perfect but really just gotten his wise exterior because he’s dated every gay guy in the western hemisphere. […]